Hiking Mates

Choose your hiking buddies with care. I certainly have and I’ve been blessed with years of excellent, trouble-free service. Most of my recent hiking has been with Matt who’s a great friend and a truly awesome hiking companion - he never complains regardless of terrain or conditions and aside from his annoying ability to fall asleep at the briefest opportunity, I couldn’t fault him. He’s also fit, possibly fitter than me which ins’t hard to do but it’s hard for me to accept.

I’ve only hiked / bushcrafted with Jem and Dan on a few occasions but like Matt, they don’t complain about a little discomfort and they’re a great laugh. I’ve known them both for years and years (Dan and I sat next to each other at Primary school for example) and I couldn’t hope for better friends.

Bisley, a friend par excellence and a boss of considerable merit, deserves noting here. We’ve camped together loads of times but only hiked together twice, unfortunately always in unpleasant weather. The only negative thing I would say against him is that he complains incessantly when people throw up a gutfull of congealed chilli and red wine next to his sleeping bag. Honestly some people are so picky.

Then there’s Conan, sorry, Tom, who I’ve camped with on lots of occasions plus biked camped and hiked with once. He’s so tough that he purposefully forgets his water bottle and waterproof trousers. Now that’s tough!